A Smile is Free Tee...and so much more. We're PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
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LitA - Love is the Answer™

LitA Love Mission Statement Smile

Mission Statement.


We are determined to alter the Spiritual Climate of the World, moving our race, the Human Race, toward a more Kind, Compassionate, Humane and Humble existence...

First Step:

A smile is free…this one’s on me

ASiF-Too-Me Classic - Yellow/Black/Beige


Available as HIE-Plax™ at https://www.slishplax.com


ASiF-Too-Me Image naming protocol - Smiley color/text color/background color
Where the color of the Smiley and the color of the text are the same, the name consists of two colors

Available as HIE-Plax™ at https://www.slishplax.com

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